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Brad comes to Texas Hill Country Realty Co with extensive knowledge in Business, Data Science, Analytics, Contract Negotiation, and being the voice of the customer.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management. 

The Texas Hill Country is where his family calls home and they are extensively involved in the community.  He is active with his family in 4-H where he started a Robotics club, and is active in the Horse, Poultry, and Fashion clubs.  His family also participates in the Hill Country Youth Orchestras and the Kendall County Fair Association where his oldest two daughters became the first sisters to win Queen and Junior Miss.  He is also involved in his church, Boerne Area Christian Homeschoolers (BACH), and various other community service activities. 

Brad is married to his college sweetheart and has 6 amazing children.  Brad enjoys being outdoors and actively implementing his wildlife management plan on their family land to attract native and migratory birds. 

Brad is a Boerne Realtor and Texas Hill Country Realtor focused on building a custom plan to help you with your real estate needs. He loves data and seeks to provider home buyers and sellers’ local insight with analytics. These tools will help you to get the right price and identify the perfect forever home in the heart of Texas. Looking to relocate or get out of the big city and don’t know where to start. Call Brad and he can help you find an amazing property that you can enjoy working in the country and also take advantage of all that is special about the Texas Hill Country.

Brad loves data and seeks to provider home buyers and sellers’ local insight with analytics to get the right price and identify the perfect for you home in the heart of Texas. 

David Crockett quote sums it up about this community: “I must say as to what I have seen of Texas, it is the garden spot of the world. The best land & best prospects for health I ever saw is here, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come here.”

Need a real estate agent, how about a Data Scientist, I’m both ready to work hard to find your next property whether looking for some land or a home out of the big city.  Live the lifestyle I can help you get there.

Your knowledgeable source for Real Estate 

Brad is a Realtor in Boerne, TX and works as Realtor throughout the Texas Hill Country. I am focused on building a custom plan to help you with your real estate needs. I love data and seek to provide home buyers and sellers’ local insight with analytics. These tools will help you to get the right price and identify the perfect forever home in the heart of Texas. Looking to relocate or get out of the big city and do not know where to start. Call the local real estate agent that can help you find an amazing property that you can enjoy working in the country and also take advantage of all that is special about the Texas Hill Country.

I have extensive local knowledge of the Texas Hill Country real estate market and infuse this knowledge with data science and technology to give you an edge in selling your property.  I give you insight into the housing market, so you have confidence in your home price and know it is backed by data.

Looking for homes for sale

The key to looking for homes is to have a multi-faceted approach.  Here are some great tips to guide you:

  • Solicit the services of an expert in the field of Real Estate.  An expert can guide you with additional tools and be a great source of advice as you search for an amazing property.

  • If you are paying cash this is great, but if you need to finance start talking to various mortgage companies early in the process.  This is the number one thing people forget to do and it has cost many people in getting their real estate offer accepted by the seller.

  • Drive though neighborhoods during peak traffic hours and to the schools, grocery, doctor’s office, and shops.  It will help you to narrow down areas that are too long of a commute or are further for services that are important to you to be near your home.

  • Make sure you request a Detailed Market Analysis (DMA), often I see people only get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).  The CMA is a limited assessment of a small subset of properties, it gives a general trend, but may have you pay more for a home than its true market value.  A DMA includes a larger sample set that reduces error, and takes into considerations other features of the home which are averaged out of a CMA.

  • Have fun, its not every day you get to buy a home or land and my goal is to make sure the experience is fun and exciting and that you are well informed as you make your buying decision.

Looking to sell a home 

Selling your home can be very time consuming and things can happen extremely fast with several decisions needing to be made and weigh the various trade offs.  I think everyone looking to sell their home should consider these things:

  • Get a home expert on your team, this is similar for buyers, an expert Realtor will give you the best chance on a higher sale price for your home. 

  • Make your home available, this does not mean that you must leave your home every time there is a request from a buyer to see it.  It means to be accommodating and if the time is inconvenient work with your agent to find a time that works for your schedule and the buyer.  I also recommend using technology to help qualify potential buyers by letting them virtually experience your home.

  • Do something every week to make sure your home shows well.  This could be a simple thing like moping a floor or mowing the grass and often helps differentiate your home in the long run.  The best thing is to address any feedback that you receive on showings.  If a room seems small decluttering it can help on the next showing, if someone comments on the natural light make sure the blinds are open on the next showing.

  • Consider having a pre-listing home inspection.  This can eliminate any surprises that might come up on a buyer’s inspection because you are able to address any deficiency before the home price is negotiated. 

Why I’m the best Buyers Agent for you

If you are looking to buy a home here are the top reasons you need me on your side:

  • Local : I know the real estate market along the I-10 corridor from Leon Springs and Fair Oaks Ranch through Boerne and Comfort up to Kerrville, west to Bandera, Pipe Creek, and Helotes, continuing East to Sisterdale, Fredericksburg, and Bulverde.  I live in the area, and am constantly driving across this great stretch of Texas country, and know what is trending in the area and what has been successful.

  • Schools: Check out my web page for detailed information about schools in the area.  We have some of the best schools, Boerne ISD, Northside ISD, Comfort ISD, Kerrville ISD, Fredericksburg ISD, and Bandera ISD.  There are also many great private schools and homeschooling groups in the area.  If you have school aged children, reviewing schools is a good place to start for your home search. I always recommend calling the local school district, as this is your best source of up to date information for what school your home is zoned for.

  • Skilled Negotiator: Every buyer wants to ask for a lower price than what a seller’s asking price is.  I arm my clients with data that shows the trends in the housing market and a dynamic picture of the true price of the home.  I am able to argue price from a position of strength resulting in moving the price towards the fair market value.  I can walk my clients through all the unexpected concerns that come up and navigate a fair arrangement for all parties to get the deal done. 

  • Know the hidden homes market - What are hidden homes? These are homes that do not show up on traditional websites like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia.  These could be homes coming on the market, homes that were briefly off the market, homes listed privately, or homes that an owner is undecided and thinking of putting their home on the market.  I go beyond just searching the internet for homes and land for sale to find a great property that you have been desperately looking for.

  • Individual attention: I believe a team is not as effective as a professional real estate agent who is with you the entire process.  I am highly invested in making this more than a transaction but a great experience and knowing you have a knowledgeable resource that knows you and picks up the phone when you call.  I work for an independent broker and have the flexibility that big box brokers are not able to do.  I can build a custom plan tailored to your needs as a buyer and then begin to execute an extensive search for just the right house, land, or property.

Why I’m the best Sellers agent for you

  • Know your home price:  This is the most important thing to know when you are selling your home.  If the price is too high the home will stay on the market too long and you may become frustrated.  Then if the price is too low you will likely never know but your home will sell quickly.  I look at the market daily to review changes to be ahead of any changes in trends.  In the end having good data on your home price will allow you to negotiate from a position of strength and get the best return several percent higher than competing homes.

  • Marketing:  When it comes to marketing no two homes are alike in the Texas Hill Country and so no two marketing plans should be exactly alike.  I am a strong proponent of creating a story for your home that we share with potential buyers highlighting the lifestyle and many great features of your home.  I use technology abundantly 3-D tours, videos, photos, and am always looking for a new way to use technology to highlight the value of your home.

  • Dynamically adjust – The housing market is very dynamic and adjusting to the sways and trends I track everyday allow me to recommend times when we should adjust your price upwards.  Most agents only push the price downwards, but when you have good data and know the market, I can recommend price increases when the market trends in a favorable way to your home.

  • Works everyday to sell your home – I am your agent start to finish.  I want to be with you for the entire process, available to answer your questions and join you on your journey to your next home or property.  I work hard to make sure everything is done to sell your home and constantly looking for feedback to make sure the maximum value of your home is displayed to potential buyers.


  • Boerne – is the principal town of Kendall County, with over 18,000 residents.   The town is the start of the southern area of the Texas Hill Country.  The city has an extensive history and the Hill Country Mile offers many shops and restaurants.  There are great schools, parks, and fun things to do in Boerne.  Some of the larger communities with great home choices are Esperanza, Cordillera Ranch, Balcones Creek, Trails at Herff Ranch, Sablechase, and Fallbrook. If you are looking for land in Boerne give me a call, there are great communities East and West on TX-46 and also towards Sisterdale with great views and are close to the city.

  • Comfort – also located in Kendall County is an antique town situated off I-10 with a population of 3350. The chamber of commerce is a great resource for those interested in the area.  We love the Christmas parade and all the great shops and places to eat here.  The homes in the area are nestled around High Street with many homes in walking distance of shops. If you are looking for land with a view or horse properties, any direction from Comfort you will find you some great options.

  • Fair Oaks Ranch – is principally located in Bexar County between Boerne and San Antonio off I-10 with a population of 8700 people, at an elevation 1270 feet.  The area has a diverse range of housing, zero lot line, lots with acreage and properties for horses.  There are many luxury homes in the area and has some great starter homes for those first-time home buyers. The shopping is located either toward San Antonio, at the shops at La Cantera, or the Rim.
  • Bandera – is the Cowboy capital of the World.  The population is 901 and the town has a distinctive cowboy flare to it.  Located in Bandera County at an elevation of 1250 feet, you can find most Friday nights a rodeo or live music at one of the many great places to eat.  The Medina river runs through the town, and Lake Medina is near-by.  There are several neighborhoods in the area like Bridlegate Ranch and Riverbend Estates.

  • Kerrville – is the medical hub for the Texas Hill Country with a population of 23,754 and an elevation of 1,640 feet.  This is the largest town in the Hill Country and is cultural, music, and arts center hub for the region. The Guadalupe runs through the town and is also home to Schreiner University.  Kerrville is also home to James Avery Jewelry, The Texas State Arts and Crafts fair, and the Kerrville Folk Festival.  The neighborhoods here have something for everyone.

  • Fredericksburg – is the wine country of Texas, great wines like Napa but in the heart of Texas.  The population here is 11,446, at an elevation of 1,702 feet.  Fredericksburg is home to the Pacific War Museum and a host of wonderful shops and restaurants.  I always like to find a pick your own peaches orchard, these are some of the best peaches in the US.  The community has many rentals and weekend homes for people looking to get out of Austin.


The weather in the Texas Hill Country is some of the best in Texas.  On average we see more than 220 days of sunshine and around 72 days of rain.  The best months to be outside are the Spring and Fall, but because of its elevation and low humidity the mornings and evenings are quite comfortable as well in the Summer.  The average high in July is around 93F and the low in January is around 35F.  The wettest month is typically June and the driest month January.  The weather is great and attracts many people for the festivals and events throughout the area. The climate is very conducive for participating in outdoor activities.  There are so many places to explore, small towns, quaint shops, unique restaurants, parks and trails that draw locals and visitors here every year.

Ag versus Wildlife Valuation

On important thing to consider is how your land is taxed.  In Texas 97% of the land is privately owned.  Land in rural areas is often valued for agricultural use and can save you money on your taxes.  Who does not want to save money on taxes, but for those coming from the city raising livestock or crops, even running a vineyard can be a time consuming adventure.  A great option is to convert your land from Ag to Wildlife valuation.  This option was created by the state legislature to allow landowners a way to keep the land in its native state.  There is still work involved but it is more inline with the expectations people have when they buy land.  Converting from Ag to Wildlife requires a Wildlife management plan and the Cibolo Nature Center has a great class every year to educate landowners on the tools and requirements to put the appropriate plans in place.  I have loved managing my land and being in the migratory path of birds we have seen so many new birds heading south or returning north.  I think anyone looking to buy land should check out the requirements for applying for Wildlife Valuation they can be found here.

Wildlife you will see: White tailed deer, Rio Grande turkeys, Axis, Exotics (I’ve seen Zebras on a person’s land before), painted buntings, red foxes, armadillos, turtles, bats, salamanders, and a variety of birds.

Moving to the Texas Hill Country

Many people are moving to the area looking to commute into San Antonio or Austin.  Both cities have great airports should you need to travel further for work.  There are many communities that have high speed internet available.  Those that do not there are some great options for satellite and a few new technologies on the horizon that look to make working in rural areas even easier than ever.  The drives through the Texas Hill Country are amazing and the food is unique, which is why so many people are discovering the area as a top place to live and work and even better for retirement.

I recommend if you are in the area to spend a few days driving around an area of the Texas Hill Country each town from Boerne to Comfort, Bandera to Kerrville, and Fredericksburg to Sisterdale offer different terrain.  If you are working out of Austin, Llano to San Saba or Marble falls to Blanco are great regions to drive to see what terrain appeals to you.  The land in the Texas Hill Country is some of the most expensive dollar per acre in all of Texas.  A great realtor can guide you to an area that that meets your budget and find the home that the most important features you are looking for.  Whether that is a hilltop view for miles, river frontage, hunting, majestic oak trees, or pastureland for horses, I can find that tract for you.

The homes in the area range from one story to two story homes, typically with some masonry or limestone.  The popular trend is to have a metal roof and you will find this throughout this region of Texas.  Homes for sale can be expected to go off the market in 2-3 months and having a realtor actively searching is key and not just relying on automated feeds from websites.  Check out my resources page, you will find links to services, schools and everything else you will need to know before you move to Texas or relocate to the Hill Country.

Top Real Estate Agents can do these things:

Specialties include: looking for homes for sale in Boerne, TX, marketing land and rural properties in the Texas Hill Country, Home valuations, Relocating to Texas, River front properties, how to find a home with a view, finding homes that are great for remote working, contract negotiation, finding land in Boerne, and how to list a home and market in a COVID-19 world.

Additional Specialties: Developing a Wildlife Management plan, Backyard chickens and best breeds for the Texas Hill Country, Getting involved in 4-H,  understanding Ag valuation, transitioning from city life to country life, and how to find a home builder for your lot.

Moving to the Texas Hill Country

You need a top agent you can trust, dedicated to you, that has data science and technology skills to help you sell your home or buy your next property.  Do not search alone get an expert to work with you and help make your dream a reality.

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